//Web Site and Application
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Cubicule Studio will propel you to greater heights. The creation of web application and website are our strength and it is with pleasure that we work with you to create a project that fits your needs and which is economical too!

We can help you in every step of your project. Whether it would be to define your needs or to deploy your website. Also, we can offer a turnkey product!

If you already have your website, there is no problem! We can update, maintain and host it for you!

// Phone

Cubicle is now offering phone service for home. Plan start at $4.99/month for callerID, waitting call, voicemail and all call in North America for $0.0126/min. For corporation, a PBX solution is available now. Call us for prices.

// Mobile
application mobile

Today, with the proliferation of smart phones, mobile applications are increasingly used.

Cubicule Studio offers its expertise in this area so you can position yourself well in your industry.

Our specialists can create the application you want without breaking your budget.

// Social Networks Management
social network

Do you want to be on several social networks, but you do not have time to manage this? We can help.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or other networks, our team can meet your needs.

This service is offered from $20 per month.

// Hosting

Are you experiencing difficulties managing your infrastructure? Do you need someone to host your website with complete peace of mind?

We can help! If you want to host your website with us, we can offer you the best solution at the best possible price!

Our servers are located around the world such as in Canada, US and France. It is therefore possible to place your website geografically close to your clients in order to enjoy faster browsing!

// Mail

You have your own business, but you still use GMail, Yahoo or Hotmail (or other) email account ? It's time for you to finally get your personalized email.

A personalized email is simple and easy. All you need is a domain name as "YourBusiness.com." If you don't have a domain's name, we can provide it. Then you can choose any email of your choice such as "info@YourBusiness.com" or "contact@YourBusiness.com." In short, you can choose everything that precedes the "@YourBusiness.com."

This service is free when we do the hosting of your website. If you have no website, we can offer this service for only $ 2 per month per email.

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